Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rush's 1st Birthday

We had Rush's Birthday party at my Mom's house. I love first birthdays where they get to dig into the cake and make a huge mess. I didn't get any pictures of me bathing him off after. We did it in my Mom's big sink but he was not happy, he was tired. But this post is a picture overload. I just thought that they where all so cute. He was having so much fun.

Rush's cake

The cake everyone else got to eat
My little fireman

Starting to dig in

Notice Keilei's hand swiping some frosting:)

Giving Grandpa some cake:)

My friend Cassie and her two boys Connor & Preston came. Then my aunt Clover was there with two of her grand kids Luke and Samson.
Keilei helping open his presents
The family
Keilei, Samson, & Luke helping open presents
getting kisses from aunt Kayla
This is Sean wrapping presents, Rush eating lunch before his party
These are his decorations.