Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 10-30-10

We went to Grandma & Grandpa's house to say HI to them so they could see the kids.
My Beautiful Keilei as Tinker Bell
She wanted me to take a picture of her wings

My little Rush was a dragon/dinosaur for his first Halloween, just like Keilei was.

After saying hi to family we went trick or treating on Main Street with the kids. I don't have a picture because I forgot my camera in the car. It is really cool to see though. It is old down Logan with all the old buildings and the trees all changing colors and then a bunch of kids and their parents walking up and down main street. It is like a scene you would see in a movie, like in Hocus Pocus.
After that we went to Texas Roadhouse to say Hi to Kayla. She wanted to see the kids.

Then the kids and I went home to take a nap before our wards trunk or treat. We over slept and so I rushed to get the kids & myself ready and grabbed Sean's costume and ran to my Mom's to get Sean, he was watching the Gators game. Since I was late he figured we weren't going. So when I did show up he through a fit about putting on a costume(All he had to do was throw a robe over his clothes) Which pissed me off because Halloween is my favorite holiday and he knows it. That & I have only spent two Halloweens with him and both times he threw a fit about dressing up and then it puts me in a horrible mood and ruins and ends my Halloween night! I have never made him dress in something elaborate. anyway. I wasn't in the best mood after that.
We went to the ward party and got there as they where taking down tables, go figure. We where going to go to my Mom's ward trunk or treat that was just starting but my Mom didn't feel well and I didn't want to go with out her. That and I was just not in a good mood anymore. So we got dresses up for nothing, or I should say the Rush & I got dressed up for nothing.(Keilei was dressed up all day) So I took Keilei with me to the store to get some stuff for dessert. And we dressed down and just chilled the rest of the night.

So then we hung out and ate dinner at my mom's house. My aunt Clover and uncle Sam where there.

He was so cute, I was sad I didn't get a chance to show him off.
For the most part we had a good time. Keilei absolutely loved it. She loved being Tinker Bell. Which she chose to be. I took her down the costume isle and asked what she wanted to be and she picked out Tinker Bell. And from then on she would say "I'm going to be Tinker Bell and fly up in the sky" as she flaps her arms. She is going through a Tinker Bell stage:) She was SO cute and SO happy even though it was crummy weather and rained most the day. I thought she was the cutest Tinker Bell there was.
(P.S. I made Keilei's costume out of two bandannas and just but a shirt and tights on under it. I made the leggings out of a piece of a skirt I had to make shorter for Keilei.I got the wings and wand at the dollar store. I also got her Tinkerbell slippers that look just like in the movie at the dollar store but they where a little big and wouldn't stay on over her shoes:( But the whole outfit only cost $5! Rush's vampire costume was free. I had made the cape for Keilei's first Halloween and the rest is just his Sunday clothes. And the dragon I had from 2yrs ago too, my Mom had gotten it from the DI for a couple bucks. My costume and Sean's is also homemade. I made mine 2 yrs ago and my Mom made the grim reaper cape when my older brothers where in High School. So it was a super cheap Halloween. That is one of the reasons I love Halloween so much is coming up with and making the costumes.)