Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weds. Oct. 6, 2010 - The Drive

I got the car all packed and we left for Arizona that morning. It was a LONG drive but amazingly better then I thought it would be. The kids where amazing! They each had thier own DVD player. I sat on the second row with Rush and Keilei sat on the 3rd row, so I could help both of them. Sean drove they whole way! I LOVE that he doesn't mind driving cause if he didn't we would never go anywhere. I never drive far. I am like an infant, driving in a car puts me right to sleep.

I know he probably thought I was crazy but I told him that if we got in a wreck to make sure the other car hit us on the right side, because I was the only one on the right. I know I am a worry wart sometimes but it really did make me nervous to have the people I love most in life all on the same side of the car.

We made it to AZ and Ryan & Nichole's where we stayed. Thank you again you guys! We had dinner and got the kids ready for bed.