Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weds. Oct. 13, 2010 - Railroad park

We went to the railroad park with Nichole her kids, Xanen & Isabel (Missy & Torben were having a get away staying in a hotel, so they where gone for the day until the next day) Gma Lowe, Jc, Erica, Makaela, Sean & I & the kids. We had a sack lunch and then the kids played on the playground. Then we went to ride the train and the carosel and finished with some icecream.

JC, Erica, Sean, & Rush
My smiley boy!

Rush, Kate, Mak, Isabel, & Keilei
Tyler, Isabel, Nichole, Gma Lowe, Erica, Mak, & Jc - Xanen and Kate are up there too you just can't see them
Us behind Jc & Erica

Keilei did good at first but after a couple times around she had a death grip around my neck. But she didn't fuss or cry or anything but she was not going to let me go anywhere. I personally wasn't a big fan of going in a circle over and over.