Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mon. Oct. 11, 2010 - Hike

We went on a hike at around 8ish.Nichole is behind the camera. In the spring it has a stream running down the rocks and they are really smooth so you can slide down them like a water slide. It was too late in the season so all there was a couple ichy ponds. But the hieroglyphic where cool. I've never seen any before. The hike was easy other then it being hot. And the path was really rocky, which everywhere in AZ is, so Keilei wanted to be held the whole time. She would bawl the whole time. So I left her with Melissa and Sean's Mom and I went in front with Sean(w/Rush), Tyler and Xanen so that Keilei couldn't see me. They said she did fine as long as I was out of site. THANK YOU so much to Missy & Mom for helping with her. I carried her the last little bit on my shoulders and it killed my head. So Sean ended up holding both kids on the way down, and "running" most the way. He is Super man I am so grateful to him for doing that. I was with him the whole time in case he wanted me to take Keilei but he never put her down till near the end.
We had lunch at the end of the trail and explored some and then headed back. It was really a fun hike, I can see how much fun it would be in the spring. But I would never take the kids again. Unless I had something to carry both the kids in.

Sean's Mom Tammy, Torben, Missy, Sean w/ Rush on his back, Xanen, Tyler, Isabel, Kate, Keilei, & I(Jana) Nichole is behind the camera

Starting out
Missy with Keilei, Torben & either Kate or Isabel
Isabel, Keilei, Kate, Xanen, & Tyler
at about half way

The view

Eating lunch

another view
The hieroglyphics

Tyler & Xanen climbing around

Missy holding Rush so we could explore. Missy you where amazing thank you so much! don't know what we would have done without you!

Isabel, Kate, & Keilei playing in the sand

Rush & I After I fed him Torben said "How many kids can say that they where breastfed on top of a mountain!?" I personally didn't think of where we were as a "mountain" per say but I thought that was a cool thought!

Sean carrying our kids down

Sean & I done with the hike
I would love to do that again someday with the kids when they are a little bigger and in the spring so they can play in the water.
After the hike we all headed to Toys R' Us. We let the kids pick out things that they would like. Then they went out to the car with Torben & Sean to watch a movie while we all bought a bunch of presents for each others kids. It was for Birthdays and Christmas so that we wouldn't have to ship them all to each other. Cause none of us with kids live in the same place. It was nice and made it so easy . I am up for doing that every year!