Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sun. Oct. 10, 2010 - Nate

I think it was Tyler who pointed out to me that it was 10/10/2010. Crazy side note.
I woke up in the middle of the night with a migraine. So we didn't go to church with everyone. Sean's Dad Jim came over and visited with Sean and the kids while I slept. That night we went out to Queen Creek to have dinner with my bother Nate & his Family. Keilei was so excited to see Lily. We had delicious stuffed peppers. And hung out till Rush got so fussy that we had to take him home to bed. It was SOOO good to see Nate, Micaela, & Lily! I miss them SO much. I love those guys. I love how when you go to visit them you feel so at home. I wish I had gotten to spent more time with them. I feel so bad I didn't. But thankfully I get to see them for Thanksgiving.

I feel at home at Ryan & Nichole's to so I am glad that they let us stay there with them

I brought Nate/Lily a nativity scene by playmobil. Nate used to play with those little guys all the time and so this reminded Mom of Nate so she had to get it for them.

Lily asking me to come help her put it together

All finished! Isn't she the cutest thing ever

Lily and Keilei chasing each other around the house

Lily running away from Keilei
My adorable neice!
giving hugs and playing
making faces because I had the screen on my camera flipped out so she could see it.
Nate, Rush playing with blocks
Nate making us dinner in his new house

Nate finding something to watch for the girls, while they play with Zoma