Saturday, October 2, 2010

Keilei Says, Keilei Does

  • Keilei had a fever night before last and she is finally old enough that she will take the oral thermometer. She actually thinks it is cool. After I took her temp I told Sean and her that she is burning up. She 102.2 btw. Well yesterday she kept saying "I burned myself" at different times in the day. The first time I checked her, no burns, after that I would just tell her no you didn't. Then one time when she said it she stuck her finger in her mouth, I finally understood. She meant I'm burning up! She wanted to use the thermometer again and see the numbers on it.I explained it to her but she still said I'm burning up a couple times today.
  • Today when she woke up from her nap she swung the door open and stood in the doorway with one arm across her belly, holding the other out at her side, and took a bow! I laughed and bowed back. Then she asked me,"What's that?" I told her,"It's a bow." She said, "bow to Jesus Christ!?" and then bowed again. I was a little bewildered because I had NO idea where that came from. But I answered her, "Yes you can bow to Jesus.".... I am going to have to ask in nursery if they taught her that cause if they didn't I don't know where she got it. Maybe a church picture?
  • I was putting her to bed tonight and my energy and patience was running thin. We went through our routine. As I in her crib to lay down I gave her a kiss and hug and tucked her in. When I got to the door she stood up and said, "Big hug Momma!" I gave her a big hug and tucked her back in. As I got to the door she stood up again! "Big kiss Momma!" I gave her one but I was upset and I told her to lay down and go to sleep. As she started laying down she said with a sad face and her head dropping,"Wanna make Momma happy." I melted like butter and gave her another really big kiss and put on a huge smile for her. She was SO happy she made me happy! (FYI:she knows if she won't give me a kiss it makes me sad, then when she finally does give me a kiss it makes me happy, that is where that came from)