Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Favorite Time Of The Year!

It is Fall! I love it. It is my favorite season. The leaves, the smells, the jacket weather, the canyon! It is October! It is almost Halloween! I get to listen to Christmas music in a month!
(I stole this picture from a friends blog, hope she doesn't mind:)
What I see when I see this picture is my favorite season, my favorite hike, my favorite canyon, & God's love for us! You can laugh but every year when I drive through the canyon at this time of year and look at all the beautiful leaves I can't help but tear up. God is SO good to us!
This is me on the same hike around the same time 2 yrs ago
This is what is coming up in our near future...
Trip to AZ
Rush Birthday
Sean's Birthday
Keilei's Birthday
New Years


Kim said...

I saw that picture and thought, "Hey! That looks just like the one I took!" heehee!