Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Willow Park, Day of Fun

We had a really good day today.
Sean toke the kids for a walk yesterday and Keilei lost her silky but it was to dark to go look for it. So my day started out with Keilei climbing into bed with me and watching 10 mins of Duck Tales. Then as soon as we where all dresses and fed we went on a walk and retraced Sean steps. We walked down to the fairgrounds, which is where we found her silky YEA! Then on to Willow Park where played on the playground, which we had all to ourselves. Then we went to the zoo. My Mom joined us there. She brought some dimes so we could get duck/fish food so we could feed them. As we where leaving we ran in to Will, my best friends little boy, who was there with his uncle. So I let Keilei play with him for a little while.
Next home for lunch and naps.
When they woke up we went back to Willow park to meet some friends and their kids so they could play. Then we all went to the zoo and went and fed the ducks. Lucky Keilei she got to go twice in one day:)
After that we ran errands. We went to the store to get Cinnamon Life cereal that where on sale for less then a buck a piece. We got 35 boxes! Yeah I know that is a ton but it is one of my favorite, I would have got more if we had a bigger pantry:) Then a couple other errands and home to bed.
I had the kids fed and in their pj's and then Rush had an explosion out of his diaper! And FYI my son is the hardest kid to change ever. It is so hard to get a diaper or clothes on him cause he does NOT hold still. So as you can guess poo got everywhere! After a ton of wipes, changing the changing table cover, a bath, new pj's and socks, and scrubbing out his clothes the kids finally made it to bed. Good thing I was in a good mood tonight!