Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our House Update

So I realized I haven't put anything up about the house lately. Well the basement is all poured! We are hoping to get started on the framing next week and move along from there! to come.
I know I don't write about it much but it occupies every spare second my mind has. So sit and write about it just takes up more of my time, so I haven't.

I know it is dumb but I can't help but think...

  • Where am I going to put this piece of furniture?
  • Are we going to have enough money to get a new couch....PLEASE!
  • When will we get the landscaping done & where are we going to get the money?
  • Where are we going to put Sean's bikes?
  • Where are we going to put all my craft crap?
  • Do we have to have a double sink in the master bath, it's just more for me to clean?
  • I want a hutch to put all the boardgames, kids toys, and movies in. Where would we put that? Where could I find a cheap one?
  • What laminate flooring are we going to get? Can we afford the one I want?
  • I WANT this, this, and that, oh and don't forget about this. Which ones can I actually get and which is a wish. Which is more important?
  • What do we wait on to get later? Will that ever happen?
  • What color of ...

Carpet, paint, cabinets,flooring, hardware, etc.

  • ...and how many or what price?
  • How long is this going to take?
  • What will help it sell in the future?
  • What is our budget for this and that?
  • Should we start looking for this now or wait?

Trust me the list goes on and on and on and on....until I finally fall asleep each night. Then it continues in the morning.

Not that that is such a huge stress but with everything all put together I am never building again. I don't know why anyone does. Unless you can built your multimillion dollar dream home, that or it is a tract home in a cookie cutter neighborhood where you just have to pick this floor plan or that one. But I never want to live in a cookie cutter neighborhood where I have to pay someone monthly to tell me what I can and can't do with my house. We will just buy a house the way it is and think "Oh I would have done this different" but I can live with that. Hopefully someday we can buy a cute old house that has already been remodeled! Hey I can dream:)