Monday, September 27, 2010

Our House Update w/pics

8/26/10 Footings are poured

Sean has the pictures of what happened in between these two stage. He has the pictures of the basement being poured. Sean, Jordan, & my brother Bry sealed the outside of the basement with tar. (Something I had no idea you needed to do)
9/8/10 The basement is poured. They are back filling.= moving all the dirt they took out to make the basement they push it back against the house and kinda level it.

You see where that tractor is sitting!? Well there used to be a great mature well producing apple tree right there. They had to tear it out so they could maneuver :(
This is the hole where there is no longer our apple tree, which was also the only tree and shade we had in our yard.

This is a different apple tree in my Mom's yard. Just so you have an idea of what it looked like. Only ours was bigger.
9/16/10 Or Basement!
FYI they started putting up the walls Sep. 27, 2010
...we are getting there. Hopefully things continue to go smoothly.