Friday, September 10, 2010

Keilei Says

First I have to preface that when Keilei does something bad I kneel down and say look at me. When she looks then I tell her what she did and that it isn't good and explain if needed. Then I have her say sorry to whoever or clean up whatever.
I was rocking and singing Keilei songs before she went to bed, which we do every night. She reached up and patted my cheek. Then unexpectedly she grabbed it and pinched my cheek really hard. On impulse I smacked her cheek. Don't worry it was only a little pat, more to get her attention then anything that and to get her to stop. It worked. Then I talked to her and told her not to pinch and explained what pinching is cause she has never pinched before.
After that she said "Mama look at me" I looked at her then to my surprise she said "No hitting!", because I smacked her cheek. I couldn't help but smile and I grabbed her in a big hug and told her she was right and that I was sorry.
I Love my daughter!