Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Keilei Says, Keilei Does


On Sunday Sean told Keilei that she couldn't suck her thumb anymore. So she would ask every time she wanted to, but wouldn't when we said no. She asked if she could when she was getting in her crib to go to sleep and being softies we said yes. But told her only when she is in her crib.

So yesterday I noticed yesterday she was laying in her crib watching a movie through the bars. I didn't think anything of it because she was being good and quiet.

Today she did the same thing. I told her she could lay in her chair( a recliner) and watch her show. So said "No Mom, I can suck my thumb, suck my thumb in my crib." I could not believe my ears. I almost busted up laughing but I left her in her crib to watch her movie. I will deal with that another day. She was so stinking cute right then to deal with it.

  • Keilei woke up at 5:30 in the morning and came and woke me up. When I went to put her back to bed she said there was a dragon in her room! Our little girl had her first nightmare, well at least that she told us about. It felt so weird because I still vividly remember having nightmares as a kid and going to my parents. It is just weird having my child coming to me. It is just a I can't believe I am a parent moment.
  • Keilei put her shoes on all by herself for the first time.
  • She can also buckle herself in her car seat, although you still have to check after to make sure she did it right.