Saturday, September 25, 2010

Busy Day

I watch my friends little boy Will today. He is 3 months older then Keilei. They had a blast and he was so good!
Here is our day...

  • 7:30 - Keilei wakes me up (So not a big fan of that. She used to wake up around 9-9:30!! Now it is just after 7 ish)I get dressed
  • 8:30ish - Will is dropped off around
  • Keilei and Will watch Rescuers Down Under while I get Rush up and feed and do the dishes.
  • We made a hut
  • After their movie, and it's warmer outside, it is Bubbles time
  • They get side tracked and play on the chalkboard while I feed Rush. They color all over the board, the walls, the floor, their faces & hands..It was really cute though, only because it just wipes off:) But they looked like they had makeup all over them.
  • Now bubble time
  • 11:00 we chase around grasshoppers..forever
  • Noon: Lunch & Little Einsteins(Keilei has to watch a movie while she eats or she won't sit long enough to eat)
  • Play dough time
  • 1:30 Will's Grandma Becky picks him up. (We are so glad he came to play.)
  • 2:00 Nap time, I eat lunch
  • 2:30 I am down for a nap
  • 3:30 we are all up
  • Run to Ross to return something, Keilei whines constantly
  • Hobby Lobby to check out prices...Keilei doesn't want to leave. We just wandered the store, mostly the Christmas stuff, cause Keilei is entertained
  • 5:30 Sean gets back from Heber for his Dirty Dash race and showers
  • 6:30pm ish Pick up Sean got to Costa Vida to eat dinner
  • go to Macey's to get ice cream and doughnuts for dessert and a Roast for tomorrow! FYI:I love it when Sean cooks!!!
  • 8 I get kids ready for bed while Sean goes to get a movie. He comes back empty handed and we finish putting kids to bed

We had a really good day.