Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rush's 3rd Tooth

Rush got his 3rd tooth today! His top right(his right)hand side. I have been checking everyday because he had 4 teeth that looked like they would be coming out any day. The other front tooth and the ones on both sides of those aren't far behind.
He is dealing with it really well, just like Keilei did. He just gets a little clingy, Keilei was the same way. Actually she still is. She recently cut a molar and the only reason I even checked her mouth was because she always wanted to be held. But with Rush that boy does not hold still. So he wants to be held but then doesn't hold still while you are holding him. He is not a cuddlier:( Which will make me so sad when he is completely done breast feeding.

Keilei Says, Keilei Does


On Sunday Sean told Keilei that she couldn't suck her thumb anymore. So she would ask every time she wanted to, but wouldn't when we said no. She asked if she could when she was getting in her crib to go to sleep and being softies we said yes. But told her only when she is in her crib.

So yesterday I noticed yesterday she was laying in her crib watching a movie through the bars. I didn't think anything of it because she was being good and quiet.

Today she did the same thing. I told her she could lay in her chair( a recliner) and watch her show. So said "No Mom, I can suck my thumb, suck my thumb in my crib." I could not believe my ears. I almost busted up laughing but I left her in her crib to watch her movie. I will deal with that another day. She was so stinking cute right then to deal with it.

  • Keilei woke up at 5:30 in the morning and came and woke me up. When I went to put her back to bed she said there was a dragon in her room! Our little girl had her first nightmare, well at least that she told us about. It felt so weird because I still vividly remember having nightmares as a kid and going to my parents. It is just weird having my child coming to me. It is just a I can't believe I am a parent moment.
  • Keilei put her shoes on all by herself for the first time.
  • She can also buckle herself in her car seat, although you still have to check after to make sure she did it right.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Our House Update w/pics

8/26/10 Footings are poured

Sean has the pictures of what happened in between these two stage. He has the pictures of the basement being poured. Sean, Jordan, & my brother Bry sealed the outside of the basement with tar. (Something I had no idea you needed to do)
9/8/10 The basement is poured. They are back filling.= moving all the dirt they took out to make the basement they push it back against the house and kinda level it.

You see where that tractor is sitting!? Well there used to be a great mature well producing apple tree right there. They had to tear it out so they could maneuver :(
This is the hole where there is no longer our apple tree, which was also the only tree and shade we had in our yard.

This is a different apple tree in my Mom's yard. Just so you have an idea of what it looked like. Only ours was bigger.
9/16/10 Or Basement!
FYI they started putting up the walls Sep. 27, 2010
...we are getting there. Hopefully things continue to go smoothly.

Sunday Walk to the Temple

Keilei wanted to walk to the Temple. I told her we could but I told her she had to wake up her Daddy. I went in to see if he was sleeping and this is how I found him. Keilei came in wearing a winter hat and was carrying two more. They are her hats but she wanted us to put them on. I had to take a picture.

On our walk Sean said hey look and motioned down to the kids. This is what I saw...

Keilei had her hand draped through Rush's. It was so tender. You know one of those AWwwwE!!!sigh, moments. Which I will infuture refence call magic moment. You know those moments where you are reminded so sweetly why you had kids, even though it is so hard some time.

The Logan Temple

On Temple grounds
Us, I love these two

I don't know why but I love this one too

Picnic at Grandma's

Keilei was not very nice to her brother

Poor guy got soaked

My Mom went to go get something and Keilei HAD to go with her. Rush followed after them too, but they were long gone:(

Keilei LOVES tomatoes!
Then we ate lunch
Kayla finally made it out of bed
Keilei turned on the sprinkler

Rush wanted in on the acion...
But then Keilei disappeared

All of a sudden the sprinkler went up full blast and was soaking Rush & I...oh that is where Keilei went!
Luckily Kayla was there to comfort Rush cause her freaked out and I ran to turn down the sprinkler. Poor Guy!


These are a couple of plain tshirts I have done things to. Basically the only craft I have had time for lately.
For Rush-it's not totally done

For Keilei

For Keilei. I plan on doing a couple more embellishments to make it look more girly, that I can easily remore so Rush can wear it later, but haven't gotten around to it

This one I did for me and I love the way it turned out