Saturday, August 14, 2010

We Have A Hole!!!

That is right folks after thousands of dollars & months and months of waiting we finally have.........
A hole!!
....I know it's not much but I was thinking with a couple walls, windows, and maybe a roof that it would turn out quite nice...Hopefully:)
Yesterday Aug.13, 2010 we FINALLY broke ground on our house!
Wen. Aug. 11-Jordan talking to Sean after he finished clearing off the weeds and marking where to dig
This is the view from standing in my mom's driveway
Now there is a nice house shaped hole in the land!
The ground is really rocky! Which Jordan said is really good for your foundation but crappy for landscaping.
Our house is going to be pretty average in size and everything else. But it is crazy how small it looks when it is just a spray painted square on the ground, or hole in the ground.
I was/am so excited though!


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