Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Size 0-10...and beyond

There was a label on my little sisters new pants she had on today. Guess what size it said!?! "SIZE 0" Yes that is right a big old 0. She is a 0 that has size D boobs, long blond hair, and great tan skin....Need I say more! ARRRRR

She said she used to be a 3-5 (but with the stresses she has she is now a 0). I told her I was a size 1 when I was 12, and I thought I was a stick then! She told me, "I wish I was a 3 again" in which I replied, "I wish I was a 10 again!"

Yes people I wish I was a ten, 8 would be ideal...well more like beyond my wildest dreams, but I would feel skinny and fabulous at a size 10. If only...sigh....

Just for compairisions sake....

This is me when I was 12 and a size 1

These are all me when I was a size 10..I think I look great personally
...fyi- I have very limited selection of old pictures on my computer. I had to choose from what I had.
top right-I am the one on the far right
bottom right:I am the one on the top left
P.S. I Love You Kayla!


Missy said...

Heck, I've NEVER been under a size 6 and I think that was in 6th grade before my hips came along. I think size 10+ is more common then we sometimes think. As long as you feel good, numbers don't even matter!

megan and darin said...

jana i'm so sorry to see that your first marriage when you were twelve didn't work out. and you are right you look great as a ten. i think you look pretty great now as well.