Monday, August 23, 2010

Elders Quorum Presidency BBQ

On Saturday night the Elders quorum presidency and there families went up the canyon to have a bbq together. Sean & I left to go up a little early to hold a open spot. We went to 2nd damn. It is one of the only places you don't have to pay and so it is always busy. As we got into the mouth of the canyon Sean got called into work. There was a brush fire and so he had to go in. Lucky he only had to stay an hour or so. It was fun to be up the canyon and to visit. Keilei had a blast running around with Karis. It was a good time. We didn't get home until late, well late considering we had the kids with us. We got home around 10 and then had to give them baths so they would be ready for church the next day.