Thursday, August 12, 2010


These are all from the same website called Knock-Off Wood! It is this amazing woman that designs and gives instructions on how to make all of these yourself!!! The pics came from her brag page, they are all things that other people have made from her design.

I love what she says about herself on her blog..."I'm probably not that different them you. I'm a stay at home Mom with expensive taste and no money. But money (or rather the lack of money)
is not going to keep me from making our home comfortable, organized, & stylish."
These are all things I would love to buy for storage solutions in our house. I have been drooling over similar things at ikea & pottery barn. But I can't afford the things I want. I am debating weither I am brave enough to give making one of them a try.
This would be to solve this problem...

Or I have this idea too, to make over something

Once we have our own back yard

I really want one of these in the entry way in our house, or something similar.

This is just a entry way re-due but I love it, not from knock-off wood

This would be great to have now especially since Rush loves to get into the garbage.

This isn't from knock-off wood, it is one I have on my computer in my wish list

Some day I will have a big desk like this to work on. To and do crafts to my hearts content and not have to worry about clearing off every couple hours.

I am in LOVE with this daybed. The fisrt time I saw it was in a pottery barn magazine for $900-1,300. But there is so much you can do with it.
These 2 are pottery barn (I love the idea of putting it under the stairs or use it like a window seat.)
these are knock-off wood...not bad huh
In the guest bedroom I want to get one of these at ikea and put one of the daybeds (but a double bed) under it, I think, I haven't made up my mind.
I thought this was way cute too
I love stoage solutions
On this one in her plans you can make 2 of these cute book selves with one sheet of plywood!

These next ones are from ikea, but they are on my wish list