Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cache County Fair

Keilei got to ride on the swings!

She loved it! She waved to us when she would go by.

She went on the Merry Go Round, she has been watching Mary Poppins none stop the last couple weeks so she was excited. Sean just picked the closest empty horse so she was 3 horses in, even though the other side of the ride was empty, so this is the best picture I could get. Sean had to pay to ride it too which I thought was retarded.

Baby Rush all content. He was amazing! He is the best baby!

This is where you measure to see if you are tall enough to ride. Lucky for Keilei she is tall for her age and just tall enough to ride...

Her first Roller Coaster!!!
I was nervous I thought she would cry. But she did really well. She started crying at the very end. When I picked her up she clung on to me and said "Momma, My tummy hurts" I couldn't help but smile. Poor thing.
She was sitting by herself but at the last minute they put a big little girl in with her and made her scoot over to the far side. So when the roller coaster went by you literally could not see Keilei at all in the seat next to her!

Then we went to see the animals

They had a bunch of baby pigme goats, they are so cute.
Sean wants to get a baby goat when we get the house done and have it as a pet. We have thought about getting some chickens too. We will see if I am up for that. At least they are outside animals!
Sean carrying Keilei to the car. She didn't want to walk anymore.