Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Building Stress

What does 2 feet mean in the construction world...

  1. Money
  2. Time
  3. Stress
  4. Paper work
  5. More work
  6. Time & Money ...AGAIN!

So now that our footings are set and our hole dug we find out that we are 2 feet off. Apparently in our plans submitted to the city it said our house was going to be 30 feet back from our property line (law says it has to be at least 8ft) well we dug the hole and put the footing only 23 feet back. No big deal right, we are well over what the law requires, WRONG! Inspector said it was no good. We went back to the city, they said it had to be back at least 25 feet, they gave us 5 feet leeway. Really!?! It is our property and we can't even decide where our house goes on it, within the law requirements!?! I hate Cities they have way to much power.

So we are 2 feet off from what we need. You know what that means?...

  1. taking 2 feet off our garage
  2. redoing the footings and hole(Time & Money)
  3. Having my parents give us 2 more feet of their property...which they are willing to do.

So you would think #3 would be the way to go but then we have to get it re-deeded to us. Meaning I think we have to get it re-surveyed and take it to the city engineer (which took months the first time-and we had to send in all the papers twice because he lost them the 1st time). Then more stuff which Sean knows the specifics on, I don't.

In conclusion:

2 FEET = A BIG HEADACHE!!! ........Dumb City