Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bear Lake Trip

Some friends, Melissa & Riley Miles, of mine rented a condo for the week and invited us to come stay with them for a day. We went up late afternoon on Aug.24 and came back on the 25. On Tuesday we went swimming in the pool with Missy's family & Desi's Family, who had spent the previous night with them. Then we all went out to eat. Desi & her fam headed home and we went back to the condo talked and went to bed, well some of us. Then on Wednesday we hung out in the condo waiting for it to warm up. Riley and Sean took the kids to the playground after lunch while Missy & I put the babies down for a nap. I took a short one myself. Then we went out on the lake to do some swimming and wake boarding. Missy & Riley have no problem doing it. It was Sean's first time. He tried & tried and got so close but couldn't get all the way up. I have been a couple times before and have never been able to get up so I wasn't even going to try. But Missy insisted so I gave it a shot. I got up on the second try!!! I was/am amazed. I am so glad they made me get in. I totally see why people love it. It was a BLAST! Sean did get in again and got up. Once he got up he was really good at it. Of course he is good at everything he tries. We had SO much fun. It was really nice to have a little mini vacation. I am SO glad they invited us to come with them!

Us on Bear Lake having a blast

Riley & cute:)
Riley wake boarding, look at him go!

Rush in his life jacket. He hated it. He couldn't move and he couldn't reach to suck his thumb:( So he was a little fussy. And of course fell asleep right as we were docking the boat to get out.

Bella, Keilei, Rush, & I

Keilei & Sean. Bella was fearless she would jump right in. She is so cute.

Keilei on the other hand was a chicken. She had to be held and was not a big fan of the cold water. She only stayed in for a minute.

Rush & I

This is us way to early in the morning. Keilei didn't go to sleep till 1 am and then woke up at 2 for a little bit. Of course Sean fell right to sleep and slept through everything.Then she woke up at 6:30 in the morning, of course waking Rush up too! I was SO tired.
We put a movie on for Keilei while we packed up to go home. After 10 mins, if that, she was out! I moved the pillows under her and she didn't notice, she was out like a light. We took her down to the car and she stirred but then went right back to sleep. Keilei has never fallen asleep like that before.
On the way home on Wed. both of the kids fell asleep and slept the whole way home! That was a first, not that I can blame them. Sean & I enjoyed the quiet time and got to talk all the way home:)