Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bath Time

Keilei & Rush took their first bath together yesterday Aug.17,2010. It was the cutest thing, but of course my camera was out in my car. The splashed with each other and made each other laugh. Rush mimicked everything Keilei did. It was adorable.

This has never happened before and will only happen very rarely, if at all. Keilei has a problem with staff flare ups in her diaper area...really painful sores. It is fine for her to be in pools and stuff but just as a precaution I always give Rush a bath before Keilei because she could give it to him:( (You know since they take a bath in the same place all the time) That is if he doesn't have it in his system/genes to flare up already.

But her skin has been clear for awhile now, thank Heaven-after over a month on antibiotic , so we did it once.

Poor kids I have a feeling they get it from me. I have horrible skin. It is sensitive, bumpy, and I get infections so easily, and it is hard to get rid of them. So if my genes didn't give it to them it made the situation worse:(