Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Size 0-10...and beyond

There was a label on my little sisters new pants she had on today. Guess what size it said!?! "SIZE 0" Yes that is right a big old 0. She is a 0 that has size D boobs, long blond hair, and great tan skin....Need I say more! ARRRRR

She said she used to be a 3-5 (but with the stresses she has she is now a 0). I told her I was a size 1 when I was 12, and I thought I was a stick then! She told me, "I wish I was a 3 again" in which I replied, "I wish I was a 10 again!"

Yes people I wish I was a ten, 8 would be ideal...well more like beyond my wildest dreams, but I would feel skinny and fabulous at a size 10. If only...sigh....

Just for compairisions sake....

This is me when I was 12 and a size 1

These are all me when I was a size 10..I think I look great personally
...fyi- I have very limited selection of old pictures on my computer. I had to choose from what I had.
top right-I am the one on the far right
bottom right:I am the one on the top left
P.S. I Love You Kayla!

Bear Lake Trip part2

I had to wait to post these cause I had to get them from Missy.
Oh yeah, that is right, I am wakeboarding!!! It was so much fun! It still blows my mind that I actually got up.

Me super excited because I can actually wakeboard!

Sean wakeboarding!

All of us eating at a pizza place at Bear Lake.
Bella, Riley, Payson, Sean, Missy, Me, Keilei, Rush, Will, Geoff, Desi, & Mickey

Keilei, Bella, & Payson on the merry-go-round

Payson, Keilei, Bella, & Mickey

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Missy, Desi, & I

Friends hanging out playing in the water @ Missy's House

Keilei, Me, Rush, Desi, Will, Bella, Mickey, Missy, & Payson
Three friends and our 2 kids each:) except swap Bella & Mickey. Bella is Missy's & Mickey is Desi's.
...man time flies!

Bear Lake Trip

Some friends, Melissa & Riley Miles, of mine rented a condo for the week and invited us to come stay with them for a day. We went up late afternoon on Aug.24 and came back on the 25. On Tuesday we went swimming in the pool with Missy's family & Desi's Family, who had spent the previous night with them. Then we all went out to eat. Desi & her fam headed home and we went back to the condo talked and went to bed, well some of us. Then on Wednesday we hung out in the condo waiting for it to warm up. Riley and Sean took the kids to the playground after lunch while Missy & I put the babies down for a nap. I took a short one myself. Then we went out on the lake to do some swimming and wake boarding. Missy & Riley have no problem doing it. It was Sean's first time. He tried & tried and got so close but couldn't get all the way up. I have been a couple times before and have never been able to get up so I wasn't even going to try. But Missy insisted so I gave it a shot. I got up on the second try!!! I was/am amazed. I am so glad they made me get in. I totally see why people love it. It was a BLAST! Sean did get in again and got up. Once he got up he was really good at it. Of course he is good at everything he tries. We had SO much fun. It was really nice to have a little mini vacation. I am SO glad they invited us to come with them!

Us on Bear Lake having a blast

Riley & Missy...so cute:)
Riley wake boarding, look at him go!

Rush in his life jacket. He hated it. He couldn't move and he couldn't reach to suck his thumb:( So he was a little fussy. And of course fell asleep right as we were docking the boat to get out.

Bella, Keilei, Rush, & I

Keilei & Sean. Bella was fearless she would jump right in. She is so cute.

Keilei on the other hand was a chicken. She had to be held and was not a big fan of the cold water. She only stayed in for a minute.

Rush & I

This is us way to early in the morning. Keilei didn't go to sleep till 1 am and then woke up at 2 for a little bit. Of course Sean fell right to sleep and slept through everything.Then she woke up at 6:30 in the morning, of course waking Rush up too! I was SO tired.
We put a movie on for Keilei while we packed up to go home. After 10 mins, if that, she was out! I moved the pillows under her and she didn't notice, she was out like a light. We took her down to the car and she stirred but then went right back to sleep. Keilei has never fallen asleep like that before.
On the way home on Wed. both of the kids fell asleep and slept the whole way home! That was a first, not that I can blame them. Sean & I enjoyed the quiet time and got to talk all the way home:)

Fun Day

Yesterday Aug. 27 I went visiting teaching. For lunch we went to Chili's to eat lunch just as a family. It was great. Then after the kids naps we went to the zoo. Keilei had been asking to go all day. My friend Allison called, she was up in Logan from SLC, so we met up with her and Sara for dinner at Old Grist Mill. Man their food is amazing. I should eat there more often.
That night, after the kids where in bed, I meet up with Sarah & Diana for a girls night. Sarah brings the most amazing home made goodies and we just sit and talk for hours and hours!

Monday, August 23, 2010

It Has Happened...

...as of today Keilei can climb in and out of her crib by herself! :( I know that I am lucky that it has lasted this long but I was hoping I had a little bit longer. Now nap time and bed time is going to be a hand full. I am not looking forword to it!

Hyrum Damn Activity

On Tuesday(8/17/10) we went to Hyrum damn for the Young Women/Young Men activity. A member of the YM Pres. had a boat so he took the kids out in that, in turns. Some of us stayed on the shore and played. Sean had to work so I had the kids. So we just played in the water most of the time. I hadn't been to Hyrum damn since high school. The water has gone down a bunch but other then that it hasn't changed. It brought back a lot of memories.

We had a really good time. Keilei had a blast and Rush was amazing as always. He is such a good baby. I think the kids did too, which it the point. I'm glad that we got to do this activity before they went back to school!

Keilei staying in the shade because the sand burned her feet

Elders Quorum Presidency BBQ

On Saturday night the Elders quorum presidency and there families went up the canyon to have a bbq together. Sean & I left to go up a little early to hold a open spot. We went to 2nd damn. It is one of the only places you don't have to pay and so it is always busy. As we got into the mouth of the canyon Sean got called into work. There was a brush fire and so he had to go in. Lucky he only had to stay an hour or so. It was fun to be up the canyon and to visit. Keilei had a blast running around with Karis. It was a good time. We didn't get home until late, well late considering we had the kids with us. We got home around 10 and then had to give them baths so they would be ready for church the next day.

My Amazing Husband

My Mom, brother, & Me had a garage sale on Saturday! Sean was the most amazing husband ever. He helped me so much!

-Sean helped me hauled stuff to Mom's


- I woke up at 5:30 went to help Mom & hang signs
- Sean slept in with kids
- He got them dressed and feed. Then brought them to Mom's
- 11 ish Sean took the kids to the park
- Noonish Sean took the kids home and put them to bed for naps
- I helped clean everything up, took down signs, & tallied up money.
- Went home kids woke up...I was exhausted.
- Sean took the kids to the store so I could lay down for a minute
- We went up the canyon to bbq with friends from our ward
- Got home @ 10 gave the kids baths and put them to bed, Sean helped with that too.

My Husband is AMAZING! I am so grateful that he is so willing to help out with the kids when he can. He is an awesome Husband & Father!!! Thank you Sean for all of your help!

Sean went to work Sunday morning & I ended up having to wake up the kids in the morning and then we all took a 4 hour nap, we were all tired, it was great!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Last week Keilei saw my brother and sister smoking. She was intrigued and kept telling them to smoke more and mimicked them blowing it in the air.

Then a day or two later she picked up a toy and held it to her mouth moved it away and pretended to blow smoke out.

That same day Sean took her to the store and she picked up a cigarette butt and said "I need to smoke" !!!!!!!
What do I do!?!

I am at a loss for what to do about it. I mean she is only two so it's not like she will go out and do it. But I don't want her picking up cigarette butts and getting excited when she sees people smoking.
Last night we went up the canyon and had a BBQ with friends from church. Keilei wasn't a big fan of the smoke because it got in her eyes and hurt. I am hoping that might help cure her fascination with smoking.

Family Pictures

I have always wanted to have family pictures done in a wheat field ever since I was young. So I had my sister go with us and take a few snapshots. Then I saw this adorable lane lined with tree so we took some there too. I would love to go back to both of those spots and get some pro pictures taken someday. Cause all we had is my point and shoot camera. But until then this is what we got.
It was so hot but they have started cutting the fields so had to do it before this one got cut too.

I can never decide between black and white and color so I put them both on.

Swinging Keilei

p.s. now every time keilei sees the pictures in the wheat field she "Stickers" cause that stuff pokes and sticks to you like crazy!