Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Smores with Family

Getting the fire going

Keilei & I went to the end of the pier and she saw a fish in the water. So on the way back she had to stop inbetween every post and get up on the rail and look in the water to find a fish. It took us forever to get back to the fire. As you can see in the pic below it is a long pier with a lot of posts. But she had a good time.

Keilei & I, Rush with his teenage boy cousins

Keilei wouldn't go near the fire when it was big, which is a good thing I guess.

Kayla getting a BIG kiss from Keilei

Aren't they cute

Roasting mallows

Kayla & I, Kayla & her hubby Josh

Paulo & McKay(Sammy's little brother) drenching her.
Keilei followed the the boys where ever they went. She is obsessed with older boys...we are in trouble!

Chasing Sammy to get her even more wet

Oh it didn't end there. This is them pushing Samantha into the river. Sammy is too sweat for her own good:)

I was trying to get Rush to sleep and he was so sqwirmy. Kayla held him and he feel straight to sleep, go figure.

It was fun to just chill and visit with the younger part of my family even though I felt old and definitely felt like a Mom.