Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rush update

Rush is in his crib in his bedroom as of a couple weeks ago. I was sad to move him in there. I liked having someone sleep in the same bedroom with me while Sean is gone. But he was getting way too big for his bed.
Crawling! He is army crawling and gets around really well! He is starting to get on his hands and knees but he doesn't quite know what to do from there. He has also started getting his feet under him and sticking his butt up in the air, so he is on all fours. It is so cute!
He is eating baby food now. I am not very consistent with it. Basically I just feed it to him when he still acts hungry after I have just breast fed him. It is getting time to get him on a schedule. I need to get his naps on a better schedule too. Sometimes he just takes a long nap at the same time Keilei does, which is great for me, but some days he needs to naps. Which is sometimes harder since they fall right before & after Keilei's nap, which means we are home all day:(