Wednesday, July 14, 2010

misc. life pictures

This is a picture of me when I was a kid in my dad's hat and carrying his lunch box. I thought it was funny when I found Keilei dressed like this one day. In her dad's fire hat & boots that he wears to work. I immediately though of the picture of me.
l:Jana 1983 r:Keilei 6/8/2010

I think Rush is a bit big for his bassinet. His head is squished in the corner and he pushed on the sides. The wheels fold up so it can sit flat on the floor. So we put his bassinet in the crib so he could get used to his room and now he is in his crib.

Walking to the summer fest 6/19/10

Keilei wanted to hold Rush's hand and then she kissed it. It was the sweetest thing

The fist picture of Rush standing by himself. I had to put these up because his smile is so cute

above r:Keilei found this and went to the front door and started saying eggs! eggs!
6/22/10 - We went up the canyon to have smores. Keilei loved the water and playing in the fire.

We enjoyed the fire while we waited for our friends, then Kayla came

and then Evan, Craig, Karis, & Charlotte came and played with us. r:this is Keilei's super messy face when we got ready to leave.

6/23/10- dying my sister Kayla's hair

6/24/10 - playing pic-a-boo in Rush's seat

playing at grandma's

6/25/10 - playing in the pool at the sports acadamy. We tried to go to the aquatic center first but it was packed

Keilei loves to get in Rush's crib. She can climb in and out of his. But luckily she still can't do that in her own. So we are keeping her in her crib till she can.

She loves to go and see her little brother & often climbs in with him