Monday, July 12, 2010

Kayla's visits to AZ

Found these on my mom's computer
This is before Sean & I had any kids & Kayla was down to visit

I made her take this picture to show her friends because I know before I moved to AZ the only cactus's I had seen where the small ones in a planting pot.

I was pretending to be pregnant because I felt fat. But I hate people that have to look absolutely perfect every day or in every picture so to not be a hypocite I have to put these up. And I think it is funny that I was pretending because I got pregnant right after that, if not already...not that I knew that then.

I was the only one that would get in the poopers

Kayla is TOO cute! and Sean stopped and talked to this guy because he LOVED the little wiener dog harness that he was wearing.

can you believe how fat she is:)

Saying goodbye to Kayla at the airport

these two are in UT