Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 2,3,& 4

Fyi This post kinda is in reverse order sorry
July 4
- fireworks and BBQ at Mom and Dad's house

Bry is our fireworks king in our family

Josh, Lee, Paulo, Zhenya, & Bry

Tammy and Sean, Rush & Bry

Keilei playin gin the car and not wanting to get out

Keilei and Rush snuggling with me for a fake nap, Kayla

July 3- going to the farmers market to get a guava filled churro, Heavenly!, from Lee and Paulo at the both they do with there mom.

July 2- Logan Fireworks
Carolyn invited us to come watch Logan city fireworks with them. You can see them great from on their back porch.

So we ate

and the kids played. Keilei and Will played in a pool and apparently with the neighbors dog

Carolyn and I, Keilei with no pants on stealing some grapes

Keilei kept getting more and more glow sticks

She even went right to the source!

and she made out like a bandit.