Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm dying...

of heat!
I should be sitting here catching up on my posts but I am SO hot I am puddling...and it is 10pm! The one window in this house that opens, which is in our bedroom, has an ac unit thing in it. Yeah it keeps that room cool. But we spend the least amount of time in that room except to sleep and then it is turned off. But it does very little for the rest of the house!
I am making Sean put in our swamp cooler TOMORROW! ... I am dying.
-Our landlords wanted us to use an ac unit, instead of the swamp cooler like we did last year,...yeah we gave it a try! It doesn't cut it. Which I guess shouldn't be surprising since it is made to cool a room, not a house! I think they wonder why I am so hot all the time but I am pretty sure that their past renters (at least the last 2-which equals like 7 yrs I think) where gone at work all day and didn't have kids!!!
That and my Mom is a Draper and they/we are always hot and sweating!! Family curse!