Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fireworks July 5th

My family went out to my brother Bry's house in Hyrum to watch the fireworks.

Before they started Bry was lighting some at his house. He is the fireworks king in our family. He always had the illegal ones:) He even had the mortar ones, like the real fireworks. He started lighting them and Keilei got so scared and asked to go home. She kept saying "No more!" & "Go home now!"
She hid under her silky...

It was the cutest thing!
Then Bry's neighbor brought a piece of a firework that he found in his yard and told him to stop lighting them or he would call the cops. Party Pooper!!! So we stopped, Bry said he'll just light them for New Years:)

The fireworks started and Keilei wasn't scared of these ones. She would not sit still though she kept going from person to person.

Bry playing with Rush. He did so good staying up so late.