Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fathers Day

My Dad is the coolest guy in the world!
If I start describing him and how much I love him I will tear up and not be able to see what I am typing, and yes I still have to look at the key board to type:) You know how when you are a kid you think your Dad is the best, a super hero even, well mine is. I never grew out of that "phase".

Keilei helping him open his present

Rush enjoying some of grandpa's present

after eating dinner, Mike & Nick

Bry & Dad playing with Rush. Melinda & Jeff

This is the card and present I made for my Dad

"What is the best pop?", r:lollipop, pop tart

l:corn pops, popcorn r:soda pop, best pop ever

l:the best grandpop too (because Keilei calls him pop or papa) r:with love the Lowe Family

This is the basket of goodies that went with it