Thursday, July 8, 2010


My cute girly

Keilei with Sam
Here are a bunch of Lily. She is so adorable and we only get to see her a couple times a year if that cause they live in Arizona now.

Micaela helping Lily hold Rush

Lily with Grandma & Cole

Lily & Keilei

Lily with me & Kristi

Dad playing solitaire, Nate packing snacks for the trip back to AZ


Sam & Rush, my charming sister Kayla:)

Sam, Keilei

Keilei, Lily, & Cole

Kristi, Steel, Keilei, Reilly, & Cole watching a movie

The younger set of Grand kids, some of them
Steel, Reilly, Keilei, Lily, & Cole

Steel, Reilly, Keilei, Lily, Rush, & Cole

Micaela, Lily, & Nate

Rush is really outgrowing his bed! But I love having him in the room with me when Sean is at work. But it is time to move to his own room.

Cole & Keilei, after Cole got his hair cut