Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bear Lake 6/28/10, 7/10, & misc

Ever heard of throwing away money?
Guess what I found in the recycling garbage! Yeas that is what you think it is! I mean I guess you could recycle it but I wouldn't want to do it this way.
Keilei found where we had some tithing money statshed that we kept forgetting to take to church and for some reason thought this was where it was supposed to go.

My cute kids

Toliet Papering the room of one of the Young Women(Marnae Bentley) that I taught for her Birthday

Playing at Missy's house with the kids

Rush had a bad rash so I let him air out for a little while

Bear Lake 7/10/10- with 2nd ward YW!

Bear Lake 6/28/10

Sean, mom and Keilei

our little beach site

Kayla and Rush

Keilei could not get enough of collecting shells

Keenan, Keilei, & Kayla