Saturday, June 5, 2010

Messes Everywhere

...and I can't blame it on the kids.

I will spare you the picture. Although I have been doing ok at them lately.
that is kind of hard since we don't have any tools to do anything with. And I am not picking ALL the weeds by hand.

Emergency Preparedness

This is all our stuff for our 72 hour kits and kits to go in each car.
...I have gotten a lot of stuff to put in them but have never actually put them together. I told myself that I couldn't do any other crafts or fun stuff until I got them put together!


....Never ending!
the picture of the w/d is because there was a load in each of them, plus the one on the floor.
All of the clothes in the pictures are clean. At least I get that far. I just hate putting them away.


Garage sale, DI, to sell just piles up and looks like crap.

Rush's Room

in the crib is toys I need to go through and decide wither to keep or get rid of. The rest of the room is a mess too. I need to organize it so I can actually start putting Rush in there now that is is warming up. It is good thing too cause he is getting way to big for his bassinet.

...this is what happens when I get depressed and don't feel like doing anything. I will try and start 5 different things but never finish any of them. AWRR I hate it. Living in a mess stresses me out too, so it is like this horrible cycle. I want it to end!
There are days I am SOOO tempted to just go through our house and throw pretty much everything out on the lawn and have a big sign that says Free on it. Then I would have less crap to worry about.


The Coons Family said...

I like the "Free" stuff on the lawn idea! haha, just tackle ONE thing at a time. Wish I was there to help, I'm sadistic, but love that sort of thing. Good for you on the 72 hr kits, ironically we're working on the same thing. I like the car idea though... Go Miss Thang!