Friday, June 25, 2010

Logan Airport & B17

Logan Airport had an open house 6/7/10 and we went to check it out. It was really fun. They had free hot dogs and Keilei and I got to tour a B17! (just wished my Dad was there to tell me stories about it and interesting info:) Sean got to talk to the firefighters on call and doing demos. He also got to check out the firetruck that is at the airport. Keilei liked that too. Rush was just content with being pushed around in the stroller:) And it didn't start to rain until we where on the shuttle going back to our car.

K- this next picture Keilei had run right into one of the propellers and was crying so Sean was kissing her better. But I love the old couple in the background looking at them and oohing and awing about it. You can see it better when the picture is big. It is so cute:)

Keilei was as fascinated with this thing as I was. I honestly don't know how a grown man can fit in there it looked like Keilei would just fit in there, I mean her big stroller probably has more room. But it was cool to see. I love the movie Memphis Belle and it was cool to see a plane like theirs in real life! I am always a sucker for old historic things.

Waiting in line for the tour

My cute happy baby

Inside the plane. It blows my mind how they moved around in there with all there gear on. It was a tight squeeze in a couple places, well actually most places.

Keilei wanted to sit on the string of bullets and swing

Airport fire truck! Neil(got hired same time as Sean) Keilei and Sean


Ryangatorryan said...

Who knew Logan had an airport!! Not even a Fisher Price!