Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jeff's Wedding : Part 3

6/11/10 - The Ring Ceremony & Reception

The Spiffy Bride & Groom

Getting ready to start the ring ceremony...

Kristi & Bry

Bry & Jana, Bry was my escort for the ring ceremony

I took a picture of Kristi's hair, that I did, because I figured she never had time to check out what the back looked like. I was right:)

Jana, Kayla, & Kristi. I love this picture, I wish Lori was in it:)

Scott & Cristina

Me, Dad, Kayla, & Kristi

Dad & Mom...SO cute!

Showing off my dress

Kristi & Bry

Kayla posing

Scott & Cristina. R: Scott & Cristina where standing by the wall holding hands & it was so cute I tried to get a picture of them but the caught me

L:This is Melinda talking to Michelle's husband, Michelle, Diana, & Sarah. I had to take a picture because they are my friends all 3 of them I grew up with them and they where in Young Womens with me and I still get together with them for a girls night once a month-ish. They where in Melinda's grade in school I was a year behind. But the funny thing is I had no idea they knew each other till they came to my baby shower and new each other...small world:)
R:gift table

The cake & grooms man cake.

Melinda surprise Jeff with the play station cake. It is SO him. If you know him you know what I mean. It isn't a rare thing for Jeff to stay up until 4-6am playing games with friends & family. He even goes to gaming conferences & works at game stop.

Cutting the cake

Throwing the bouquet

Jeff getting the garter

Throwing the garter

getting ready to start the father daughter, mother son dance

Dancing. L: I love my Mom's expression in the one on the right

A lot of dancing. Nate & I, Kayla & Josh, Camila & Paulo, Sam & Mom, Kristi & Bry

Lofland table. Sam, Connor, Mom, Kristi, Cristina, Kayla, Josh, & Camila

Melinda & Jeff opening presents the day after