Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jeff's Wedding :Part 2

6/11/10 Luncheon & setting up

Jeff & Melinda greeting our table. Nate, Todd, Mike Bell, Ricki Linton, ?, Kayla, Josh, Sean

the other side of our table Bry Camila, Lori, John Hill, Anita Hill, Kristi, Sam, Micaela, & Lily

Dani, Mike, Alex, Scott, & Cristina and then a bunch of people I don't know

My ADORABLE niece Lily (her middle name is Lei - just like me:)

She is so funny

Kristi, Lily posing for me

Nate & Lily, Nate

Kristi's arm, Ricki, Nate, Todd, Bry, Alex, Dani, Mike, & Sam

two of the other bridesmaids hanging up pictures. I LOVE the picture they are putting up it is awesome