Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girls Night

On Wednesday the 26th I got to go to dinner with some of my best friends! It is my birthday month so we all got together. KrisAnn & Allison were nice enough to come up to Logan so I wouldn't have to bring Rush with me. You know so I could actually enjoy eating a hot meal without kids! Yea! We(Sara, Missy, Desi & I) usually go to Layton and they come up from SLC. Sean was so sweet to stay with the kids all night. He even texted me and told me I could stay out as late as I wanted, I was so grateful!(which is funny/weird that I just said that, you know the whole permission thing, but that is married life w/kids:)
It was SO fun to be able to see everyone, except Sara who couldn't make it. Although we did try to hunt her down. We called her at dinner. After dinner we went to her house. We got a flier (their house is for sale) got her hubby's phone # off it an called him. We finally got a hold of her! She explained why she couldn't come, which was a really good reason...we continued to miss her!
KrisAnn and Allison gave me a headlamp, poncho, and one of those long foam noodle thingys to play with in the pool. They said they went shopping for me and they thought the headlamp and poncho where a good gift for the "Boy Scout"(my nickname). I Loved them. I told them they where right, I was actually working on my 72 hour kits before I met up with them:)
After dinner, and running to Sara's house, I ran home fed Rush so Sean could put him to bed and then met them at the movie. We went to see Bounty Hunter. It was ok. I am just not used to staying out that late, the movie started at 9:50. Poor KrisAnn & Allison had to drive all the way back to SLC and work the next day too. I am SOOO glad they came though. I love those guys!
We where talking about how the last movie we all went to see together was Crossroads, the one with Britney Spears. Wow that brings back memories!
I had such a great time!!! I came home SO happy. It was just what I needed! I love seeing and spending time with the girls.

Missy (Ashcroft) Miles, KrisAnn Palacios, Allison Tidwell, Me, Desi (Spillett) McGee & little William McGee

Me, Desi, & Will

Missy, KrisAnn, & Allison