Friday, June 25, 2010

Family & Fun

6/4/10- Keilei kept yelling at me to come here and when I finally did this is what I found. She was sitting with Rush just like this but with a big smile on her face. I grabbed my camera but then she wouldn't smile. It was the cutest thing though. She loves her brother!

6/6/10 playing at Grandma's house. Keilei and Cole walked around with this on their heads:)

Then Keilei & Steel jumped on the tramp

Kayla playing with Rush

Kayla taking Keilei on a ride. Just shows you how skinny Kayla is, although it was slower it still drove with her in it. Keilei loved it!
-see the field back behind them, that is where our house is going to be, if we ever get it done.

R:Kayla running with Keilei, for some reason Keilei loves that

Keenan taking Keilei on a ride

singing itsy bitsy spider

6/7/10 fun at the pool, except it was really windy so it was chilly when you got out of the water

Sean called me and told me to come outside, he had came home from running arrends and was standing on the lawn looking at this. It was a beautiful big double rainbow. It was cool too because all our neighbors where out on there lawns looking at it too:) Later that night my little sister told me she had gone outside to look at it too. The picture doesn't do it justice.

I was at my Mom's house late to have a girls night with my sisters and paint our nails for the wedding. But Jeff came home and we got side tracked for awhile talking and joking around with him about getting married in a couple days. I wanted to take his picture and it took a couple tries...

...after like 6 tries, the boy wouldn't be serious:) (oh and we did eventually get around to painting our nails that night, I didn't get home until 1 or was it 2?)

6/8/10Sean watching a movie with Keilei, aren't they cute! She had a severe rash that came out of nowhere and she had just gotten a bath and before and after that she was crying for hours:) This is when she finally settled down, although we went through another half hour of screaming when we had to change her bum again and put her in bed. She would just squirm and grab her crouch and bawl, poor baby.

6/8/10 I found Keilei like this and had to take a picture because I have one of me dressed up in my dad's stuff and holding his lunch box too.I think I was around 18m in my pic.

6/10/10 there is this line of bushes and trees that lines our driveway of the place we are renting and I have told Sean a number of times that if I owned the place I would tear them all out. they just get weeds in them and are over grown so they go over the dive way so you have to park on the far other edge and actually on the grass so you can get out of the car. I hated them! Well the land lords came over and asked if we would mind if they took them out and made the driveway bigger. I was shouting for joy inside, of course I said yes!
Well Keilei loves tractors and sat up on the kitchen counter and watch them tear up the plants. She was almost as excited as I was!

Keilei likes to shut herself in between the front door and the screen


The Coons Family said...

You have such adorable kids!!! Wish we were up there to playdate and stuff!!!!!!!