Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bear Lake

While Kristi and her family where here visiting our family went to Bear Lake for the day 6/3/10. But unfortunately the weather was not so great. But we had already rescheduled it twice hoping for good weather. It has been crazy cloudy and rainy this year. I just took Keilei's space heater out of her room and it is the end of June 6/25/10!
So we ended up not even getting in the water. But we had fun playing! We got shakes before we went home as always:) They have the best raspberry shakes, they are famous for them. Keilei tried to eat an ant and then stuck her tongue out and told Sean to get it after it started crawling around in her mouth:)

Keilei was cold at first

We had lunch and played

Keilei went on a little nature walk

then Peter, Kristi, Sean & I went on a boat ride. The kids walked along the pier with Grandma waving to us

they kids through rocks in the water

Grandma with Reilly, Steel, & Keilei. Matt was with Cole and Connor watched Rush. Matt & Connor where so sweet to help us with our kids!

The sky to the East, the sky to the West

The sliver of blue sky between the two! But they shun was in the sliver and it stayed looking exactly like that for hours the clouds didn't move. So we had sun the whole time. It was crazy.

Keilei & My feet...cause we have the same feet. You can see her webbed toes. I love them:)