Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Whole Sentences

I guy came to spray for spiders in our house today. While he was walking around Keilei came to me and asked, "Whats he doing here?" ! Just like that in a whole sentence. I know you probably don't think that is important but she is just starting to do that. So when she puts things together and says stuff like that I get excited. I also thought it was cute when he went in Keilei's room she got a little upset and said, "That's MY room" "MINE" I had to explain to her what he was doing. Then she seemed to be fine with it.
Rush is rolling around like crazy! He and Keilei actually take naps at the same time now it is AWESOME!!! I know I am totally lucky. I am grateful for it every single time it happens. A couple days ago Rush started crying when I took a toy away from him(I was going to change him) put it just surprised me. It was a reminder of how fast he is growing. He fusses when I leave the room too, but he has been doing that for weeks.


The Coons Family said...

Wow! Kids grow up fast... That's AWESOME about Keilei's sentences!!