Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sean's Bike Trip

Sean went down to Southern Utah last week for a few days to going biking with his brother and friends. He left Wednesday May19 and met up with Matt Frentheway and then drove the rest of the way down there together. They met up with Sean's older brother Ryan, Guy Crandall, and Shawn Tringham in Bryce National Park. They stayed there a couple days and then went to Zion's National Park for a couple days.
Sean said the first trail they did in Bryce was one of the best trails he had ever done. He had a good time. They also did the Angel's landing hike in Zion's. Unfortunately they didn't get to hike in any of the slot canyons because of the spring run off. They would have loved it, I know I did!
I was so jealous the whole time Sean was gone. Not that I like mountain biking but I love to hike and see those beautiful places!
Sean & I where talking about how Bryce and Zion's are two places that I have been that Sean hasn't. The only other place is Yellowstone and the Teton's. It is usually me saying "I wish I could go there", or "I want to go there" and Sean ALWAYS replies with "I've been there!"....Man I wish!!!
The first group of pictures is of angels landing. It is an AMAZING hike with a killer view. I went there and did it before my mission. Although it kicked my butt and Sean said he wanted to run most of the way...stupid super fit people:) Sean said that his brother and Matt didn't go up the last part of the hike cause they where afraid of heights which I thought was hilarious! The end is the best part of the hike! But it is definitely not for people who are afraid of heights.


The view from the very top of Angel's landing

If you look really closely you can see people hiking, the trail goes along the ridge

The last part of the hike they have a chain for you to hold on to

Some of the gorgeous views

Sean & Shawn. Guy & Shawn

Isn't this one of the most beautiful places ever
I stole these next pictures from Sister in law Nichole's blog (Ryan's wife) cause Sean didn't take any that day. Thanks Nichole!:)

This is where they stayed the first two nights, at a KOA campground outside of Bryce
These next pictures are in Bryce.

Matt Frentheway, Guy Crandall, Shawn Tringham, Sean Lowe and Ryan Lowe

Ryan, Matt, Guy, Shawn, & Sean

Matt, Guy, Sean, & Shawn

Sean, Guy, Shawn, & Ryan


Nichole Lowe said...

I don't know Matt's excuse but Ryan's was more that we didn't need another ER trip or bill. He knew I would probably yell at him after just hurting his head the week before. :) Wish you and the kiddos could have been here. We could have kept each other company and party together.

bryceviewlodge said...

Those are pretty awesome land formation, I wonder if those are natural creation of God or just man-made.

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