Monday, May 3, 2010

One Of THOSE Days

Here is the summary...
Sean cut a hole in his leg
Keilei pooed in the tub
Keilei gets in the Soap...Second bath
Keilei gets in the fridge
Nap time(for both) Aaahh peace:)
Rush gets fever and will not stop bawling
Rush poos all over our bed
Keilei pours milk everywhere
Rush bawls some more
oh yeah and Sean is gone for most of this
I don't get what I wanted to do done and get extra chores added on to my, already so hard to finished, list of things to do.
I am tired, stressed, overwhelmed & depressed
Hopefully tomorrow is better be, it is my BIRTHDAY!

(It doesn't show up too well but milk is all over everything, including her)

We woke up, I gave Rush a bath. Then as I was giving Keilei one Sean walks in with no Jeans on holding a paper towel on his leg. He was trying to make a poster thing for the Fireman's ball coming up and while cutting some cardboard slipped and cut his leg! Right through his brand new jeans of course. (So no I get to patch those)
As I got the band aids and ointment for him Keilei played in the almost drained tub. After a second she started saying Poo Poo over and over. But Sean was busy holding his bleeding leg and I was busy searching for the band aids he wanted. When I went in to get her out of the tub I understood why she said Poo poo.... She had, poo pooed in the tub, that is. So I cleaned it up and got her dressed. Sean left to do some errands for work. I tried to feed Rush but in the middle of it Keilei came walking in the room with soap all over her arms and all over in her hair. Second bath!
Try to feed Rush again. Hear Keilei getting into the fridge, stop feeding Rush, find Keilei pulling things out of the fridge. Nap time!!! Sean drops of lunch for me. A Logan's Heroes sub!!! I love those things. Then he is off again. My Mom and sister come by to say hi. I try to feed Rush but he is too distracted and is acting a little fussy. They leave. I try to feed Rush and he starts bawling....and bawling...and bawling:( He has a slight fever so we give him medicine...he bawls some more. After going to get a tetanus shot and run his errands Sean gets home and takes Keilei in the other room so she won't distract Rush. Rush eats a little. While changing his diaper he gets Poo all over our bed. (Yea now I have to change and wash the blanket) Hear Sean get angry and walk in to find Keilei has shaken all of her milk out of her sippy all over her high chair, the table the floor and anything around her high chair.
I am exhausted and want to just crawl into bed and sleep for a couple days. Luckily Sean took Keilei, to do who knows what, so she would be out of my hair and so we wouldn't have any casualties by the end of the night. Like I always say it is a good thing my kids are so dang cute.
-hopefully I am not the only one that feels like that sometimes-

Keilei wanted to be by her brother,
right:her giving him a kiss

Thank goodness for the happy moments in the middle of the chaos! Or I would be more of a wreck then I already am:)


Shawna said...

I have to say Jana this terrifies me just a little especially being a few days away of having child #2! I really hope you do have a great brithday tomorrow!

Joanne said...

Thanks for posting this information on your blog! Great Work.