Thursday, May 6, 2010

My 28th Birthday

Sean arranged a couple babysitters so the kids would be taken care of for almost the whole day. But then Rush had a bad temperature so at
10:30 am we just had Keilei watched for the first part of the day(Thank you Cassie!!!) and cancelled babysitters for the rest of the day(Thank you so much anyway Evan!)...we didn't want to spread whatever he had.
Sean & I went window shopping and went to lunch at El Torro Viejo yum.
3:00 pm I took Rush to the doctor. He has a cold and since it is his first one his body is trying to fight it off really hard, hence the temperature. Dr. said he would be fine. They weighted him he was 20.11 lbs. !!! I have to start shopping for a new car seat.
6:00 pmwe went to my parents house and had cake and ice cream. My Mom gave me a thing to make smores in the microwave and a kinda fondue type smore maker thing too. She gave them both to me cause I like making smores. I didn't want to be unappreciative but the reason I like smores so much is because you get to go up the canyon around a camp fire and make them. She said it was OK if I didn't like them cause she got them cheap(of course, this is my Mom we are talking about)But the fondue type looks like it could be really fun.
The cake had 26+2 on it, in case you where wondering. You can see Rush is so flushed and red poor guy!

Keilei helped me blow out the candles
Sean & I did have plans to go to dinner and a movie but with Rush sick that got cancelled. So we had dinner with my family.
9:00 pm my Mom came and chilled at our house so we could still go to a movie.We went to How to train your Dragon in 3D. (it cost 19 something!!!:( ) If I had known it would be so much I would have skipped it and just bought it later. But it was a great movie and you can't beat watching movies in 3D!
It was a great Birthday even if I didn't get to go out to dinner like I was looking forward to. Sean gave me a gift card to Chili's which I have been craving lately. A candle warmer thing I have wanted and some money to go toward my Ikea desk/workstation fund. He is so sweet.
Oh and I got triple chocolate bunt cake from Sam's club at my Mom's house. I love that thing!

*I want a black and white office. These are 4 out of probably 8ish things I want. It adds up fast so I will have to get a piece at a time. The desk I want they don't have in a package anymore but it is basically two of these put together. So I will have a space for crafts and a space for sewing.

These are the same thing one just shows it open. I am a HUGE fan of things with door so I can't see all the mess and clutter.