Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We went to visit Spencer's grave in the Logan Cemetary today as a family. Some of my family didn't feel like going, because they didn't want to be sad, at least that is how my nephew Keenan put it. Keenan is Spencer's son. And like others they like to visit his grave by themselves and not in big groups. Which is totally understandable.
After we took a few pictures and took turns chasing down my daughter we went to the fire station. Sean was working so we got to see him and show the kids the fire trucks.

This is my sister Kristi and her family with my Mom & Dad. They are down here from Alaska for a few weeks visiting. They also came so they could go to Jeff's wedding. Yes the little blond kid is a boy! Peter is Samoan and they let their hair grow out and they just put it in a pony tail, that is why it has never been cut. Although you would never guess that little Cole is half Samoan, he looks more Albino. He is four months younger then Keilei.

My Dad and Rush. Aren't they so cute! Rush gets his middle name Ellsworth from my Dad. It is his middle name.

Kristi and I

Me and my kids

Me, my oldest brother Bry, & Kristi

Jana, Bry, Kristi, my little sister Kayla, & and her Hubby Josh

Peter, Kristi, Matt, Connor,
Reilly, Steel, & Cole

Dad is hiding his glasses from Rush

Our Cute Family!

Reilly, Cole, Steel

This is her angry face. She usually folds her arms too, or puts her hands on her hips. She was mad because I wouldn't let her climb around in the truck

Reilly trying on Sean's firefighter hat, Steel

Keilei and Reilly looking at their reflections in the door.
Keilei "driving"

Keilei would not look at me for anything.