Saturday, May 1, 2010

Converse or Knock-off's !?!

I have wanted a pair of blue Converse Chuck Taylor's shoes for so long...I just couldn't bring myself to pay $30-50 for them.
So I waited.
I found a pair of green lightly used, seriously maybe wore a couple times, converse shoes at the DI(Deseret Industries-it's like Goodwill) for $4! I bought them of course. I wore them and they weren't very comfortable. After talking to some people in my family I found out that they are all made like that and fit people with skinny feet better. I was glad I hadn't paid the money for my blue pair.
Last week my brother Sam came to visit from Las Vegas and was wearing knock off Converse shoes. I asked where he got them. He said Walmart ...and they have blue! I went the next day and for $10 got the last pair of my size.
I am happy!
Then while at the DI I find a pair of blue Converses' for $5 never worn! I got them:) I went home with the intentions of taking the others back to Walmart, I haven't taken the tags off them yet. But I wanted to see which fit better so I spent a little time walking around my house wearing a Walmart shoe on one foot and a converse on the other.
Can you tell which is which!?!

Crazy as it may seem, I think I like the Walmart shoes better. They aren't as snug on my foot. The only thing they don't have, well besides the All Star marking, is a good sole. Converse soles are rubber and Walmart's are like a compressed paper material...which will be more slippery.
...Anyway to cut to the chase I think I am going to keep them both. Only because I only paid $15 for both pair!
So I won't be buying any more Converse Chuck Taylor All Star's anymore. But it makes me sad cause I love them...looks wise.(unless they are they slip on kind because those ones actually fit my feet great)


Missy said...

they really look identical to me! That is a great deal, because now you have an extra pair when the first ones wear out.