Monday, May 17, 2010

Fireman's Ball

On Saturday Sean & I went to a Fireman's Ball.
My Mom watched both kids for a couple hours! Thank You!
It was really fun. It was like prom but better cause I was with my husband, we got a great meal, and they had a raffle and silent auction. Sean even danced a couple slow songs with me!!!! Which is amazing! He refuses to ever dance. It made me SO happy. They also had pro photographer there so you could get your picture taken.

My Dad took our picture when we dropped off the kids

We won some stuff in the silent auction....

Bread basket for $6 with two loafs of amazing bread jar of raspberry jam and a thing of honey.
Basket of hair supplies (value over $80) and a gift certificate for $50 hair service for $41!
I actually bid $40 on it and a lady at our table bid $41 at the last minute. When we found out it was her we gave her crap about it...totally just joking around, giving her a hard time. At the end of the night she sold it back to me for $41. She was taking home a crap load of stuff. I think she bid on at least half of the stuff there. Their tab was over $600! So she didn't mind handing over the basket of hair stuff which I was grateful for:)

Some peal ear rings from a nice jewelry store for $15!! (I have no idea what they are worth...more then $15 I'm sure:)
Sean also got an indoor golf certificate for really cheap.
I felt kind bad getting all that stuff for so cheap. There where so many things to bid on and not that many people so it wasn't very competitive. Like there was some beautiful pieces of jewelry that was originally like $200 that went for $40 and stuff like that.
I had a really good time though. I really needed a day away from the kids and time to spend with Sean. It was fun. It made me happy.


Jake, Holly, McKenzie, Brady and the dog Molly said...

HOW FUN! you guys look great! city of mesa is too broke to do anything cool like that...well they do it for like $100 a plate! no thanks we'll pass for now! but im glad you guys got a date night!! nothing better then a man in uniform! especially YOUR OWN man! I love when jake wears his class A's :)