Monday, May 31, 2010

Do Books Taste Like Candy!?!

...You would think so the way Keilei eats them!

I thought that she would grow out of this after she went through her teething stage, yeah I was wrong! Keilei got this book from her doctor at her 2 year old check up. She loved the book. We read it almost every night. Although I don't know if she likes reading it or eating it better?!

Keilei is going to give us a tour of how worn out this 5 month old book is and how it got that way...
"Mama it's ruined see..."

It is yummy, I like to eat it like this

Show Mama....

This is her favorite page to show me and tell me it is ruined

Look how LOVED this book is

And it must run in the family because
Like Sister, like Brother!


The Coons Family said...

That's so crazy... I would've thought that she would grow out of it too! That one of Rush doing it took be by surprise at the end...ROFL!