Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blustery Day

On May 21st it was a drizzly blustery day.
I told Keilei that if it started raining she could use her Mmbella (umbrella). Well it started to sprinkle so we went outside and I gave her the umbrella. She walked away with it and after a moment came running back and gave it to me. As so as I took it from her I understood why. The wind was catching on the umbrella and yanking it from her. So I held it and she would take it back from me and then the wind would pick up again and she would run and give it back to me. She did that a few times before the wind picked up enough that it scared her and she actually asked to go in side, which she NEVER does. But she was so cute I had to take a couple pictures.

Isn't she SO cute

left: She is running/wind pulling her toward me to have me hold it:)